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yamaha byson reviews

Yamaha Advantage Byson:

Yamaha Byson excellent
in terms of design or

Yamaha Byson fierce,
really just streetfighter
deh ... Model streetfighter
This is in tune
motor user community
males in Indonesia.

Could be
choice for bike lovers
streetfighter motorcycle
prioritize appearance.

Disadvantages Yamaha Byson:

Lack or weakness
Yamaha Byson if I
said still more on technology
machine used.

Specifications Yamaha engine
Byson with a capacity of

Water-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC,
2 -
valves, maximum power: 10.1
PS / 7500 rpm and torque
Maximum: 10.5 Nm / 5500
rpm for some people
felt still less
satisfactory for
keep up appearances
which is ok.

a price that is not different
much with the V-Xion.
How does the price of Yamaha
Byson sold in Indonesia?
Yamaha's newly released
kepasaran USD 19.9 million On
Road. Price range
these, Byson ready to fight
with the eternal rival
also new faces made, namely
New Honda Mega Pro, which
removed at Rp 19.44 million.
Hemmm ... little different
New Honda vs Yamaha Byson
Mega-Pro in terms of
Yamaha appearance Byson
far more superior than
New Mega Pro, but
strength? Stay tastes times
Additional Info
Yamaha Bison:
Yamaha Byson is
Yamaha's latest sport
which explicitly says
flaunt, no
such as the V-Ixion
advanced technology
or Scorpio with
performance. emang
still looks cool ...
For the initial stage Yamaha
already produces around
80,000 units motorcycle
So far, Yamaha has
record numbers
Yamaha reservations
Byson looking masculine
are as many as 1,000 units.
Note that of course
achievement of Byson,
since its launch just
will only be done after
Lebaran later.
Yamaha offers Byson
only in one variant only
ie type casting wheel,
with a choice of four colors,
black, red, blue and white.


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