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New Honda Spacy - Scooters For Sale reviews

New Honda Spacy - Scooters For Sale

New Honda Scooter Matic Reviews Spacy

New Honda Scooter Matic Reviews Spacy

Start a new life more easily with Honda spacy Helm-ins. Trendsetter automatic scooter in Indonesia! Equipped with the largest trunk in its class (18 liter), extra large capacity fuel tank (5 liters) was able to travel longer distances, an extra seat in relief, as well as many excellent features. This new era of driving!

Honda Spacy Power Scooter CVT transmission is larger 0.26 PS than Honda Scoopy though the same engine capacity. But the torque of 0.3 Nm smaller. Astra Honda Motor claims 1 liter of gasoline consumed to deliver spacy surf up to 41 km. So if you fill the gas tank (5 liters) then spacy could run as far as 205 km.
The advantage of Honda Spacy Helm In is the amount of luggage that can take a full face helmet, the trunk itself has a total capacity to 18 liters. If we compare to Suzuki Hayate which has a luggage capacity of the trunk until 17, 7 liter, Honda Spacy is thinner.

Spacy taken from the word “space” or “broad “. Dimensions 1841 x 660 x 1094 mm to 1256 mm wheelbase. Ground clearance 128 mm. Spacy weight 97 kg. Baggage under the seat can swallow a full-face helmet. Honda claims spacy Luggage volume (18 liters), the largest in its class. For color, Honda Spacy Helm In offering 5 color options such as imperial white, royal blue, majestic red, legacy green and emperor black.

Tipe mesin
4 langkah, SOHC
Sistem pendinginan
Pendinginan dengan Kipas
Diameter x langkah
50 x 55 mm
Volume langkah
108 cc
Perbandingan kompresi
9,2 : 1
Daya maksimum
8,54 PS / 8.000 rpm
Torsi maksimum
0,82 kgf.m / 6.000 rpm
Otomatis, Sentrifugal, Tipe Kering
Pedal & Elektrik

Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar
5,0 liter
Kapasitas minyak pelumas mesin
0,7 liter pada penggantian periodik
Otomatis, V-Matic
VK22 x 1

12V - 3A.h (tipe MF)
Sistem pengapian
DC - CDI, Digital
Lampu depan
12V 32W x 1
Lampu senja
12V 3,4W x 2

Panjang x lebar x tinggi
1.841 x 660 x 1.094 mm
Jarak sumbu roda
1.256 mm
Jarak terendah ke tanah
128 mm
Berat kosong
97 kg (untuk velg jari-jari & racing)

Tipe rangka
Tulang Punggung
Tipe suspensi depan
Tipe suspensi belakang
Lengan Ayun dengan Shockbreaker Tunggal
Ukuran ban depan
80/90 - 14 M/C 40P
Ukuran ban belakang
90/90 - 14 M/C 46P
Rem depan
Cakram Hidrolik, Piston Tunggal
Rem belakang

Honda Spacy with Cast Wheel IDR 11.750.000
Honda Spacy with Spoke Wheel IDR 12.550.000


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