Sunday, March 6, 2011

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multibike insurance

Motorcycle insurance for
multiple bikes
We love bikes, so we
understand why you might
choose to have two, or three,
or four. After all, you ’re not
going to get very far off-
roading on your commuter, or
trying to dodge traffic on a
trike. But we also know how
hard it can be to find really
good insurance for multiple
bikes. Well, not with Swinton
We’ll find you great quality
insurance at great low prices.
We understand you ’ll only be
riding one bike at a time, so
our team of experts will find
you our best bike quote from
our selection of insurers. We ’ll
factor in any no-claims you
have, plus the whole
insurance process only takes a
matter of minutes.
So what are you waiting for?
Call 0800 092 6702 for a quote
Multi-bike insurance through
Swinton Bikes means:
Up to four additional bikes on
your policy
One set of paperwork, one
renewal time, one premium
Tailored policies so you’re
covered for what’s important
to you
We can arrange multibike
cover for...
Naked bikes
Adventure sports
Trail bikes
Tailored policies so you’re
covered for what’s important
to you


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