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explanation honda pgm struktur

We want to actively

to introduce environmental

vehicle technology

used by several people.

In doing so, we want

help improve

Global Environment

even a little. This is

base position for Honda

Environmental Technology

including fuel consumption

and cleaner exhaust gas.

Asaka R & D Center has developed

PGM-FI technology developed

for short trips

engines such as 125cc and

newly developed

electronically controlled fuel

injection devices, PGM-

FI, suitable for use in 4-stroke,

50cc scooters, the current

marketed by Honda as "Net

4 ".

World's First as a mass

produced 4-stroke, 50cc


Electronic control

fuel injection system, PGM-FI

with fuel

consumption and net

flue gas is

developed for mass-produced

50cc 4-stroke engines to

first time in the world.

With this technology,

further reduction of fuel

consumption and net

flue gas will be promoted

for the 50cc engine class

including the largest sales

domestic market.

Technology Features

The most remarkable feature

CAG is the integration of

Starter control and PGM-FI

the shield through

installation of processors that are higher than

32bits. In addition, new

technology has been developed

to mount a 50cc

scooters, including the new

injectors, ultra-small fuel

circuit pump and a new system

to revive. In addition,

number of copies

15-8 is reduced as

compared with PGM-FI

designed to model a large

through the efforts

integration of various functional

section, detection of consolidation

functions and new design

The main parts including fuel

pump. Low cost, compact

electronics and light

controlled fuel injection

system has been achieved.

Built ECU

It functions

consolidation for low

costs through the adoption of high

CPU speed and 32bit

PGM-FI integrate control

ECU with ACG starter

control ECU. In comparison

with conventional 16bit

Processor speed, the treatment was

increased and 3.5times

doubled the memory capacity

which allows the integration

FI control and ACG

control starter in the shield.

Compared with the ECU to

for conventional 50cc

scooter, reduced size


New ECU 32bit 32bit processor performance

Compact fuel pump

To keep the floor flat to

50cc scooters, ultra-compact fuel

The new pump module

developed, which can

housed in a flat fuel tank

located under the floor.

Adoption of the first 10 microns

The highest density filter in

world has led to

substantial reduction

number of rooms and in

realization of compact

and lightweight. In addition,

energy-saving and high

efficiency has been achieved

produce a level of classification


The new injector

The number of gasoline

required for combustion in

small-displacement engine

very small as 50cc

and small amounts

gasoline must be burned as

efficiently as possible. There is

It is therefore necessary to fuel

injectors one minute

number of injections that are consistent

with the atomization of fuel

spraying. In general

practice before the

injection of a few holes to

The purpose of atomization.


injector developed at this time

for the 50cc engine, world

The highest levels of atomisation

achieved by optimizing

form of internal parts

injector with two

hole injection, reducing the

number of injection level

1 / 3 of the 125cc scooters.



Comparison of minimal

number of injections

Atomization performance

highest in the world

Idle air control valve


controlled air time

idling, etc. should also be

reduced to one third of the 125

scooter. On the air valve

developed this time for 50cc

machine, made

allows optimal control

amount of air to

Machine condition

operations such as start,

Warming and Idling

detail the operation of high

valves with ultra precision

stepper motors in small units

30 um. As a result, a

substantial increases

made in the ease of starting

and performance and idling

maintenance performed

do not need secular


Control start

Start a conventional

based on the engine carburetor

system, the piston

operated by motor or by cell

backlash and negative

pressure and mechanical

action butterfly sucking fuel

out. In electronic form

controlled fuel injection

system, however, electrical

power required to inject

fuel to the engine.

For small motorbikes, such as

50cc scooters, kick-off

necessary if the full

battery discharge, after

after eating for a long time

time. In the new PGM-FI

developed for 50cc scooters,

machine starts with a small

electrical currents created by

kicking, which is difficult in

Conventional FI system.

Turning on a reliable machine

made possible by kicking, even

when the battery goes

dead, through the development

power system

produced by kicking in

only a fraction of a second

circuitry required for

initial energy and fuel savings


For kicks, CAG

produce energy. Small

energy produced will be

given priority for

ignition and fuel

injection with a bypass circuit

batteries and lamps. The

effective time in order

is about 0.2 seconds,

equivalent to about one

suction stroke,

compression, explosion and

exhaust, or 2.5 times

kick crank rotation.

The glory of the PGM-FI to 50cc


Machine with a new

developed PGM-FI to 50cc

scooters have contributed to

Exhaust gas is cleaner and

excellent fuel

consumption levels. By

data in

development stage, and CO

HC exhaust gas reaches

half the level of domestic

control and repair it

made in fuel consumption

7% at constant speed

mode and 10% in real player

Mode *. Besides power, high

starting performance, reliable

quality and performance at idle


Internal modes of test assumptions

conditions of use.

The development team

Asaka R & D Center promoted

development efforts

Honda's goal

"Passage to fuel injection

50cc scooters in the year

2005 "which was released

in 1999 and the team

managed to achieve

dreamed years earlier than

original target. The

technology will enable Honda

PGM-FI installed on all

Honda motorcycles

markets around the world.

Honda set new goals for

"Installation of PGM-FI on all

scooters are sold in domestic market

market through the exercise

2007 "and" installation of PGM-FI

on most models

worldwide by the end

In 2010 "Honda.

Motorcycle loved by

Many people across the entire width

world. Honda hopes

contribute to the environment

improve the world

further improvement

environmental technology.

Moto Honda around the world Future Technology Picture Book Close-up of the fuel injection system for small engines


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