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SPESIFIKASI HONDA SUPRA X 125 PGM FI (programmable injection)
In fact Honda aforementioned x 125 PGM-FI is proven super tough and economical.
This is obvious because of my own users, my bike has four this year, but usually, I often replace the engine because it is less suited to my profile is like on tour.
engine maintenance is also very simple and easy, simply by replacing Olie by 2000 km (standard distance).

I have a problem that makes me uncomfortable when a cold engine takes time for the stationary bike, but when the gas Stelan added rpm when the engine is hot once high on a stationary engine.
After I look in the end I decided to replace the spark plugs motorcycle, the result is stable for stationary engine cold or hot.
Moto Honda aforementioned x 125 PGM-FI is a Honda motor output of sophisticated products, also includes the balancing of the sensor, the sensor is located under the front seat, so its safety function falls or accidents, the engine will die at 30 degree angle and be turned on again after the engine has confirmed at intervals of about 10 minutes.
One of the sophisticated components above x 125 Honda PGM-FI is a thermo detect other components at the bottom of the cylinder block, this component is automatic chuck, how it works is when a cold engine controller in the injectors circuit, fuel consumption will be much cooler engine / intensive (as Chuck function), but it runs automatically and lasts a while after the engine in fuel consumption, slightly warm or hot will be normal again.
My experience above x 125 Honda PGM-FI is in good condition liter/80km a new, highly efficient in the use of standard time.

Honda also fuel system above the line x 125 PGM-FI is not the same as that of a motorcycle carburetor.
If the carburetor engine of a fuel tank - filter - Faucet - carburettor.
In some places, the engine carburetor and the command that is not the same.
But if the motor honda supra x 125 PGM-FI is not the same as a motorcycle carburetor follows: the gas tank - filter - gas station - petrol Switzerland - pressure pipes - nozle / injector.
The sequence of injection engine component similar to the car in general.

As for the function to filter or filter to prevent fuel entering through the waste droppings.
Service station - on the bike uses a fuel pump located under the seat next to the gas tank, so fuel does not flow naturally as the engine carburetor.
This pump is characterized by his number at the time of contact on the first position, and will die if the pressure in the hose is enough gas, and read or work again when the engine is on.
Switzerland pressure - this is a pressure regulator on the fuel injectors, the pump will die if he has the pressure of excess fuel. Switzerland has control over the speedometer dasbort F1''dengan colors.''

When the injection pressure is less in the light control is on when contacted.
Pipe - the connection between the fuel pump and injector.
Because the fuel pressure to use the hose, the hose from the carburetor to the difference in bike.
Injector - This serves as a means of spraying fuel into the engine. injector has three holes that are very soft.

With high pressure and a very small hole is provided for complete combustion and efficient.
It can still be discussed if there would be added.


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