Monday, January 17, 2011

Yamaha team: Game over for Fiat-Yamaha

Four years of Fiat-Yamaha
MotoGP partnership
eventually ended.

Official team Twitter
@Page fiatyamahateam
confirms that "The team will
change of title sponsor and
therefore, it will not "Fiat
Yamaha Team "plus".
The official website also
confirms this.

Fiat's departure was
expected due to Italian
Superstar Valentino Rossi
switch from Yamaha
Ducati, for all the winners
three MotoGP titles in 2010,
and retain new world
Jorge Lorenzo for the champion
the upcoming 2011 season.

Fiat-delivered YZR-M1 has

won the riders and teams "
World Championship of all
years since 2008. Fiat was
Yamaha first non-smoking
title sponsor of four
MotoGP racing era. beginning
In 2007, the season has little

Fiat was convinced that
MotoGP allowed him to access a
young people buying a car
as F1, but an Italian
automaker sponsorship
a team of Japanese motorcycle
can be seen as a strange mix.

In this spirit, would it
Fiat may be
put their name on a red
Italian bike next?
The news is that Asia air and
Telefonica will show
interest in sponsorship
vacancy created by the Italian
car manufacturer, but so far no agreement
was concluded. there
the possibility that
Yamaha livery company
could be used by Lorenzo and
new team-mate Ben Spies

Yamaha won the triple
crown of riders, teams and
Manufacturers for titles
Over the past three consecutive years,
making it the most successful
manufacturer of these
seasons. Should Yamaha Team
be unable to obtain a
Sponsor of the value, it will be a
still worrying signs for
The economy of MotoGP.


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