Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest jupiter mx new rear disc 2011

Recent jupiter mx 2011 new rear disc
in addition
introduce automatic duck
(Betika) Yamaha Lexam, PT
Yamaha Motor Kencana
Indonesia (YMKI) in
Jakarta Motorcycle Show
(CMG) in 2010 also
Recent Jupiter MX.

Observation in Legal
Jakarta Convention Center
Yamaha Jupiter
This latest generation MX
seem more sporty with
completely new design.
From the body forward,
In addition, the side of the body, and

Front View of Jupiter MX
attend all-cone, then
even with the lighting design
Twilight is conical.
While the cover of the lighthouse,
is similar to Jupiter MX
it's just the older generation
refreshed in form

Meanwhile, the wing is
sportier with
use of new striping
abstract design. striping
This new and
strengthening of Jupiter MX
sport like a duck
to the stern.

The most striking difference
Another is on the legs.
Jupiter MX now equipped
Disc brakes are not on the Hanay
but the front tire

The use of disc brakes
It also allows the rear
Jupiter MX as a driver
besutan YMKI that
use the device noise
this rate.


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