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old honda blade new 2011

old honda blade new 2011

Many fans
True to Honda
the presence of ducks
fresh air
achieve technology
more sophisticated,
such as fuel injection
his twin brother
Thailand, CZ-110 or i

The figure and the appearance
exactly the same as the CZ-i
launched in Thailand in July
before. It is clear from
body design, light, close
handlebars, exhaust
If there is a different
is the wheel and the outside
silent. If I still CZ
radius from the rim,
Blade uses "cast
wheel "or sport rim.
While the graphical
still essentially the same, but
different color combinations.

Because it still relies on
carburetor, while Samba
among the journalists with
the management of PT Astra
Motor (AHM), the question
first appearance:

"Why do not Honda
injection system
on the blade, as the product
Thailand? ".

Asked Johannes Loman,
Marketing Director AHM
is: "With
Blade prices, more
and affordable for some
major consumers of Indonesia. "

For its latest product,
AHM quote USD
13.5 million (on the road) for
Jakarta and its surroundings. Far
more affordable
compared to Suprax
125 PGM-FI available
with the current price of Rp
Rp 16.1
present. Blade prices almost
Supra X 125R approached
rim with the standard (not
"Wheel hard").

Because the position is the blade
between the Revo (100 cc) and
Supra X 125R (125 cc), then
AHM mengategorikannya
as a completely new product
with new segments as well.
Blade is the attraction
more performance
sproty almost the same
CS (Sport City).

It shows
the design of the headlights
placement. In Blade,
lights are no longer on
handlebars, but the "hood"
or front fender. With
In this way, the headlights and
In turn did not participate
with the handlebars at
moved to the right or

These lights
together with the light Sein
on both sides.
Forms wing or sepatbor
before is also different. Honda
to evaluate the shape is more
sporty and elegant. Design
taillights enough
style with a combination of
white and red.

Design improvements
report this duck
with Honda products
former is the position
handlebar is folded

Honda calls
style "racing". With this,
expected, the engine
targeted to youth,
be easily perform
maneuver around the corner.
Frame is Lame
the new design.
According to Honda, this
part of
more robust and suitable
with the capacity or
better engine performance
Revo or Fit.
At the front, between
between the seat with the
given a "cover" or near
with a better position
higher than the duck

Similar to the
used Suzuki Arashi
Yamaha Jupiter MX.
Other additional
is the machine guard
located on the right side
iron in the form of small bars
and with a penchant
Footstep nearby. Silent
coating on the muffler
designed with colors
oval. For
avoid wheel stops
turn when the chain dislodged,
Honda complete
with a stopper.
Machine - To the source
power, Honda uses
SOHC engine with
capacity of 109.1 cc. Power
product reaches
8.46 PS @ 7500 rpm and torque
0.86 kgf-m @ 5500 rpm. Thus,
performance is between
Revo and Supra 125.
Even so, according to K.
Fujihara, head of Honda R & D,
Blade is 5% more efficient
the Revo.

could be obtained because the
Blade is the next generation
New Honda. This
some friction
lower components
compared with Honda engine
others. Between the piston and
rocker (valve trigger)
cylindrical yanng "off-
set ", the piston
semportan oil reverse
lighter weight
and anti-scratch. With
such a development,
other than substances
more fuel efficient, Honda
This machine claims blade
ecological or
Euro-2 standards.
Honda Blade Specifications


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