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malaysia: the 10 rounds of Cub Prix for 2011

Costs of finding
Malaysian Cub Prix
Championship last Penang
December, promoter of the event
Safe mutual goal Sdn Bhd
(SAM) had already disappeared under
work and published its 2011
provisional racing calendar

For its 18th season, the Cub
Prix ​​Championship returns
with 10 other exciting
discussions taking place all
more Malaysiaboth Peninsula
on familiar and potentially
new locations-offering a
mixture of technical and high
speed challenges for teams
and riders.

In the first half of the season
the race will flag off at Alor
Setar, Kedah on March 11 to
12 followed by Malacca
(Round 2) of the 26 to 27
the same month. Teluk Intan,
Perak will feature Round 3 of 16
April 17, followed by
Batu Kawan Stadium (Round
4) 14 to 15 April while
the Sepang International
Circuit will host the fifth stage
on June 4-5.

The second half of the season
take the championship
Kuala Terengganu for Round 6
on 24-25 June with the
place in Round 7 (July
23-24) to be determined.
Kluang, Johor will be the host
Round 8 of from 24 to 25
September, with the
penultimate round of the
season on November 12 to 13
in a location to be announced at
a later date. The season is
currently expected to attract
curtains in Penang the
Padang Kota Lama History
the December 3-4.

Safe Aim Mutual Promotions
Director, Ron Hogg assured
2011 will be another great
One year for all involved
and commented, "This year
Championship returns with
another 10 laps. In terms of
, we have many
requests go to places and host
races, but unfortunately not all
of it is appropriate for Cub Prix
and we have to study
options closely
meet the quota of.

However, this time we
seek to bring more
races of the East Coast
peninsular. "
Ron said about his
expectations for the next
season and said: "As for the
Championship, making it
races will have a serious
still train more young
riders and there will be a
a lot of movement between
teams and riders in the CP130,
CP115 and Wira categories.

Based on the increasing level
competition through the
categories over the years, we
can already expect 2011
season to be a fierce
a contested, not just
among the existing pool of
riders, but also with young people
talent to come in
championship. On that note,
we will make some
interesting announcements
about some changes as
the date of the flag-off firm
in. Overall, 2011 is sure to be
an exciting year for Cub Prix
Lovers of "national".

Ron concluded.
Round 1 Alor Setar,
Mac 11-12
Round 2
Mac 26-27
Round 3 Teluk Intan,
April 16 to 17
Batu Kawan Round 4,
Penang May
Round 5 Sepang Int
4 to 5 June
Kuala Round 6
Terengganu, Terengganu
June 24 to 25
Round 7 to be
confirmed (tbc)
July 23 to 25
Round 8 Kluang,
September 24 to 25
To round 9
confirmed (tbc)
November 12 to 13
Round 10 Padang Kota
Lama, Penang
3 to 4 December


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