Monday, January 17, 2011

Nice Old bike Triumph Bonneville SE

The bike just pulls
"Nice old bike," joked one
rider next to me at a crossroads.
"No, it's new," I corrected.
"Triumph is back!"
Yes, the legendary British
brand is back with a range
of exciting motorcycles.

The Bonneville was launched in
1959, was one of the stars for
The Bonneville T120 was a
double carburettor version
Bonneville Salt Flats
Triumph record
650cc twin.

It was a huge success,
especially in the United States, and
remained until success
production ceased in the long term
in 1983.

Richard Gere black turtleneck
Triumph Bonneville T140E in
the popular 1982 film A
Officer and a Gentleman and
Bonneville T120R one in a series
film, Mr. Jones.

Gere, in fact bought a Triumph
Bonneville direct
the factory with his first pay
check while touring Britain
with the Broadway production
of fat in the mid-1970s.

A brand new Triumph
Bonneville 790 by Bloor
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.
inception in 2001.

Maintain the same
configuration of a torquey
twin-cylinder engine with a
easy handling of the chassis and
Conventionally, the 790 was designed to
riders of all ages, men
and female, looking for a
beautiful, practical
machine with a lively debate
performance and pleasant
power characteristics.

A fuel injection 865cc DOHC
Parallel twin-engine
starts easily with the touch of a
2010 power button
Triumph Bonneville.

The function of Bonneville EFI
Keihin carbs and those
complete with self-like fast
Button inactive are wrong, just to
keep an authentic retro.

Standard equipment is a
Low pipe megaphones
but the unit we had to be tested was
equipped with spare parts
The tank features a classic
chrome tank badges de Triomphe,
complete with embossed logo
Rubber knee pads, giving a
touch of yesteryear.

Triumph with the intention
Boney was to produce a
machine that combines the
timeless appeal of old model
with modern technology
been successful.
Click this button to the speed, ease the
clutch, and the sweetness of low
power puts you on your end

The engine has a wide distribution
power, giving effortless
acceleration, stronger
performance is traveling
solo or with a passenger.
The air-cooled, twin overhead
camshaft engine has a
mounted under the oil cooler
ensure coherent functioning

This coupled with the chain
camshaft driven, ensures
maximum reliability for years
riding smoothly.
With a comfortable, upright
driving position and controls
easily accessible, well-
Bonneville is very balanced
easy to handle.
Low 29-inch seat ensures
Urban stress-free riding, and
relaxed posture is perfect
for visits.

Retro style is the key
is part of the Bonneville
call and the speedometer
equipment and add elegance
and functionality.

The Bonneville is a
able to inspire confidence
frame with a smooth,
stable ride: the kind of bike
who would you want
take your child for a ride
around the city.

Living tradition in the new

Engine: 865cc air-cooled,
DOHC, parallel-twin, 360
degree firing interval
Bore / stroke: 90 x 68mm
Fuel System: Multipoint
Sequential Electronic Fuel
injection with SAI

Transmission: Five-speed
Max power output EC: 67PS /
66bhp / 49kW @ 7500rpm
Maximum torque EC: 68Nm /
50ft lb @ 5800rpm
Price: RM68, 900
By Abd Rahim Salihin
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